A crypto platform, Eternal Wallet, that aims to provide the best rates for overseas remittances has announced it is making big changes to its ecosystem.

Atom Solutions says that The Transfer Token (TTT), which is at the beating heart of its Eternal Wallet product, is going to be migrated to a DeFi token protocol.

The change is set to deliver greater levels of transparency and security — and the migration was triggered by feedback gathered by users following a beta test.

It’s also hoped that a concerted shift to DeFi will help prevent misconduct and data manipulation by malicious actors…

On this occasion, Atom Solutions will commence the distribution of the deposit-and-withdrawal App, “E-Counter”.

E-Counter are locations where it is possible to make deposits into and withdrawals from Eternal Wallet.

By using this App, users will be able to search for E-Counters closest to their current location, making it convenient to use for deposits and withdrawals even for a quick trip out, and on overseas vacations and business trips.

E-Counter will of course be simple for anyone to register for. Moreover, users will be able to compare multiple deposit-and-withdrawal locations based on factors such as commission fees and such within…

It has been a while since we have updated our posts, but do not be concerned! We guarantee you that that behind the scenes, things have been developing and progressing at a steady rate.

Today, we would like to follow up on the activities of S.S Pennarossa, the European football team that Atom Solutions is proudly a sponsor of!

In these times, with the pandemic still ongoing and many people still stuck at home and under much stress, we believe that the power and attraction of sporting events can bring much joy and excitement to everyone, whether it be watched…

The Demo Trading Contest initiated from January 11th, has been concluded today at 12:00 PM today.

These are figures for the time being, but during this campaign we received participation of 5,740 individuals across the globe. We would like to thank everyone who participated in the contest.

Reviewing the Demo Trading Contest, first looking at the trade statistics, the rise in TTT’s value against Philippine Peso was (41.628%), while the increase in value against Vietnam Dong was (37.408%). In terms of Lending, the estimated yield of Philippine Peso was (150.581%), while Vietnam Dong’s estimated yield was an impressive (1,104.055%).


What a journey this has been! !

It has almost been a month since we started our Demo Trading Contest, and we have been inundated with fanfare, participation and savvy users making the most out of trading on our platform, Eternal Wallet.

With the end of the campaign closing in, we encourage everyone, from those who were ready from the get-go, to those who want to make a last-minute entry, to participate!

Want to join in? Click on the link here!: https://bit.ly/3d3QtFx

As hard as it may be to ignore, let’s put aside the prizes for a moment, and take…

Time flies by when you’re having fun, and we hope that is the case for our users who are actively participating in our Demo Trading Campaign!

We thank all of you who are engaged and creating trading volume on the platform. Hopefully, you’ve made a healthy profit from the initially distributed (virtual) currency.

To recap, the contest runs until February 10th, 2021, which means users only have 9 days left to buy, sell, and trade on Eternal Wallet’s in-house exchange. …

We are well into the first month of 2021, and hope everyone has had a good new years’ time so far, despite the circumstances. Today, we would like to update all our users on what has been happening here at Atom Solutions, as it has been some time since our last update.

First of all, we have officially made our debut on Uptrennd, a social networking site currently based around cryptocurrency and all things related.

This site allows for individuals to post and discuss any topic they want, and gain points from engaging content which can be exchanged in tokens…

We have reached the 10th day since we launched our Demo Trade Contest to celebrate the starting of services of Eternal Wallet!

We couldn’t have achieved this milestone without your continuous support and encouragement. We send a great thanks to all who are participating and trading!

Still, there is time to start now, as the campaign runs until February 10th! We await the participation of additional users to experience Eternal Wallet and its features! With this campaign, we have had users and participants from various countries, and the number wildly exceeded our expectations. Due to this, during peak hours and…

After several years in the making and endless hours, days, weeks and months of effort put in, we are proud to announce that we are finally ready to launch Eternal Wallet off with the demonstrational version, to highlight its many innovative features and use cases. We hope you are excited and hyped up as we are to finally see the fruits of our labor come to realization!

As it’s still early January, what better way to kick off the New Year with a little friendly competition and excitement? To celebrate the commencing of services of the cryptocurrency management platform “Eternal…

The countdown has finally closed in on us, with only one more day until you, our users, get to experience the demonstrational version of Eternal Wallet! This will be the world’s most groundbreaking, innovative method of currency exchange and overseas remittance yet to be realized.

We know and are thankful for all your support throughout the years and cannot wait to deliver something in return for all you have endured with us. …


We aim to become a leading company using our own technical capabilities and innovative ideas in both software and virtual currency industries. Website

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