4 more days until our demo version wallet goes live!

Only 4 more days to go until the launch of the Demo version of Eternal Wallet goes live! We await your inclusion and participation in what is set to be the biggest revolution in overseas remittance!

We, as hopefully you, are counting down the days until we can launch the Demo version of Eternal Wallet! We can’t wait for you to try out the amazing service we have created!

Traditionally, currency exchange and overseas remittance was always burdened with high rates and hidden extra costs. Sending money to one’s own country to their family and friends was an inconvenience, to both the sender and recipient because of the expensive fees incurred.

However, here at Atom Solutions Co., Ltd., we have developed a system that allows for both at a minimal cost! We have indeed rewritten the rulebook for currency exchange and overseas remittance. Once this system gets into gear, we expect great things to come!

In the meantime, please do follow us on our various media channels from Twitter, Facebook, Medium, Reddit, etc. Don’t forget to like and/or comment on our posts, and keep up the enthusiasm that keeps us going!

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