Announcing the Commence of Registrations for Eternal Wallet!

3 min readSep 3, 2021


After a long wait, today, we are pleased to announce the commencing of accepting registrations for our Overseas Remittance Platform, Eternal Wallet!

We know it has been a long time coming, and we thank you all for your patience and encouragement throughout all this time.

Without your support, we would have not been able to achieve what we set out to do, which was to provide the world’s most affordable and speedy overseas remittance service to the world’s underbanked and vulnerable. We hope to enrich the lives of those previously burdened with high fees when sending or remitting overseas, and the painstakingly long times it required to make a transaction.

Initially only registration will be available, but we intend to roll out the features and functions of Eternal Wallet at a steady pace, eventually allowing users to access all functions and interactively use Eternal Wallet to their heart’s desire.

We will make notifications of these updates on our various social media channels, so be sure to subscribe or follow so you don’t miss out!

Moreover, to celebrate this grand milestone in development, we are holding a special event to attract even more users to open an account on Eternal Wallet.

We will be hosting multiple campaigns over a period targeted at those users who have newly opened an Eternal Wallet account.

Users are eligible for campaign entry once they have completed registration for the wallet, so opening earlier means more chances to enter the drawing, and a higher chance of winning!

By all means, take this opportunity to open a wallet with us.

Details of the Wallet opening campaign:

TTT will be rewarded to a number of lucky users drawn from those who opened a wallet during the campaign period.

A lottery will be held 4 times, and so users who didn’t win last time or users who already won will automatically qualify for the next round.

“Campaign duration” Sep. 3rd to Oct. 3rd, 23:59

“How to qualify for campaign”

  • Open an Eternal Wallet account during the campaign period.

“First Lottery Date” Sep. 13th

“Reward Details”

-50 users randomly selected from those who opened a wallet account will be rewarded with 2 TTT each (approx. $27 worth).

“Second Lottery Date” Sep. 24th

“Reward Details”

-25 users randomly selected from those who opened a wallet account will be rewarded with 10 TTT each (approx. $130 worth)

“Third Lottery Date” Oct. 4th

“Reward Details”

-15 users randomly selected from those who opened a wallet account will be rewarded with 20 TTT each (approx. $270 worth)

“Fourth Lottery Date” Oct. 14th

“Reward Details”

-5 users randomly selected from those who opened a wallet account will be rewarded with 30 TTT each (approx. $270 worth), while one lucky user will receive 50 TTT (approx. $650 worth)!

“Reward Distribution”

After the winners are drawn, the TTT will be distributed into the users’ Eternal Wallet accounts within 5 business days.

Points of Notice

  • Those who opened an account outside the campaign period, or users who already have an Eternal Wallet account will not be eligible for this campaign. We ask for your understanding.
  • TTT distributed as a reward will not be able to be withdrawn until Oct. 31st.
  • To withdraw your distributed TTT, users will need to register their phone number and clear KYC Level 1 verification.
  • The campaign details and period duration are subject to change, termination, or modification at our discretion.
  • In the event we suspect malicious activity such as opening multiple accounts, access from a suspicious account, attempt to enter from an account that is not eligible for campaign entry, non-compliance with our guidelines or notices, etc., we may invalidate the users’ eligibility to receive the reward.
  • TTT rewarded in this campaign will be reflected in the users’ Eternal Wallet account.
  • Upon conclusion of the campaign, we may conduct a campaign in similar fashion.
  • We will not respond to individual inquiries or requests regarding the hosting nature of this, so we ask for your understanding.




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