Concept and Features of Eternal Wallet (Part 3/4)

2 min readAug 3, 2020


Today, we will look into The Transfer Token (TTT) and detail on how it contributes to TTT and the Eternal Wallet system. Additionally, there is information on partnering with foreign countries’ payment service providers and E-counter, a revolutionary service that expands the use cases of Eternal Wallet.

Deposits made in BTC

With Eternal Wallet, deposits made using Bitcoin are possible. By enabling this, Eternal Wallet can accept deposits from countries other than the countries in which fiat currency is accepted. This will hopefully result in the increase of participants in Eternal Wallet by accepting such users and lead to the decrease of distortion due to price differences of fiat currencies within Eternal Wallet.

Improve accessibility by partnering with various countries’ electronic payment companies

Atom Solutions is engaging in partnership with electronic payment companies and payment providers of various countries.

With these partnerships, not only can users make payments to various services using the fiat currencies within their Eternal Wallets, but also make exchanges with each country’s electronic money.

Moreover, by enabling the deposit/withdrawal of Eternal Wallet through each country’s ATMs, overseas remittance sending/receiving cases using Eternal Wallet will increase, leading to better convenience of Eternal Wallet.


With Eternal Wallet, as a means to a window for deposit or withdrawal, a service called E-counter is available.

As to what E-counter is, it is a service where users can search for a nearby deposit/withdrawal desk within Eternal Wallet. Registering for E-counter can be done with anyone holding a storefront, and commission fees can be set up individually.

Traditional sharing services usually cannot be started without a car or a room to conduct business, but E-counter registration can be done with any storefront, be it a restaurant, beauty salon, retail store, etc. The entry requirements are set low as one of its features and are a necessity for the goal of expanding the Eternal Wallet’s service to the far reaches of the globe.

In the final chapter, we shall conduct an overview of how each point from the previous articles helps make possible the concept of Eternal Wallet, and the world’s most affordable overseas remittance.




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