Eternal Wallet Development Progress has shot to 58%, and more details about TTT Special Sale on Lbank.

With the completion of the XEC Lending System, we bring to you the great news that our progress has reached well past the halfway mark, at 58%!

We hope you can share our enthusiasm in just how much we have achieved in these past few months.

Moreover, we have no intention of resting on our laurels and taking a break from moving ahead, as we are well aware that we are closing in on the projected date for completion.

The next few weeks will be crucial to delivering on our promise, and we have multiple strategies and plans as to how we will accelerate development to overcome the last 42% of our project.

Please stay tuned, as it will be, in a positive way, a frenzied rush until completion!

Regarding the LBank 101% Special Sale

In regards to the 101% Special Sale hosted by LBank, our latest listing destination, announced yesterday (which we have no doubt came as a surprise for many of our users), there are some intricacies to the way in how one can participate.

First, the window for participating in the special sale is quite limited, as the event will only be held for 2 hours, the amount allocated for sale is 300,000 USDT’s worth of TTT, and each individual is limited to purchasing 4000 USDT’s worth of TTT.

Due to this, we believe it will be quite a rush to get in on the action, so don’t miss out!

Then, the next day after the IEO has concluded and TTT has been listed, we will conduct what we call the “101 Repurchase Period”.

Basically, we will offer to repurchase the TTT sold during the IEO for 101% of its price during the IEO (3.213 USDT), at 3.24513 USDT.

This program will continue for three days, from Aug. 4th 16:00 to Aug. 7th 16:00 (UTC+8).

Essentially, we are providing a profit to anyone who participates in the event, with no strings or drawbacks attached!


※Please note that the offer is only valid through the “101% Repurchase Period” time.

This event could not be possible without the support of our active community, so we give all a big thanks as we continue towards our goal.

Please stay tuned, as we are sure that there will be countless updates in the coming weeks!



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