More news regarding our sponsorship, updates on our website, and our commitment to society! Plus, exclusive coverage of our CEO and a promising star in football!

We have updated our homepage to reflect the progress we have made in the past weeks. First, we have revised our top page to prominently feature the sponsorship contract we signed with S.S. Pennarossa. This will hopefully signify the strength of our company worldwide and raise our presence in both the football and cryptocurrency ecosphere!

Next, we have updated our SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) page to further emphasize our commitment to contributing to the world’s current issues. These include:

3. Good Health and Well-being

This goal focuses on the health and well-being of all lives across the globe without discrimination, eradicating sickness, diseases and illnesses. This aspect is of evermore importance, given the global pandemic of COVID-19 encircling the world.

Tajimo Sho actively encourages getting involved with sports and exercise from a young age, to promote good health and well-being in later life.

8. Decent Work and Economic Growth

Again, with COVID-19, many workers across all industries, generations and social classes are being put out of a job or unable to find employment. It can be said that there is a dire need to stabilize the economy and regenerate development in all parts of the world. Our company, through providing affordable currency exchange and overseas remittance, commits to supporting immigrant laborers and reducing the effects of economical instability.

Plus, we have revised:

At present, our company has already established partnerships with several overseas companies, as well as sponsorship contracts with foreign sports teams.

In the coming future, we aim to form partnerships with even more companies and organizations from various nations, and evermore expand and substantiate our service structure.

(Above Photo: Picture of football player Mr. Tajima Sho (left) and our CEO Mr. Hayashi (right)

You can view the articles through the links below (in Japanese):

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