New listing of TTT (The Transfer Token) on CoinTiger.

We are pleased to announce that on June 1st, 2021, the cryptocurrency token TTT (The Transfer Token), issued by our company, shall be newly listed on the cryptocurrency exchange CoinTiger.

With this, the trading pair of “TTT/USDT” is set to be opened for trading. CoinTiger is a cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in Singapore. This exchange is well-known for implementing exchange operations by equity tokens in the initial phases of the cryptocurrency industry.

For users who hold TigerCash (TCH), a token issued by CoinTiger, they retain voting rights in the general meeting of shareholders in proportion to the amount of tokens they hold, and are also eligible for receiving dividends of the exchange’s profits. Considering that now various DeFi projects’ decision-making processes utilize governance tokens, it can be seen that CoinTiger had an excellent prediction in implementing this scheme.

Also, CoinTiger accepts CNY deposits and withdrawals, and it is noteworthy that the transaction volume of BitCNY, a stablecoin pegged to CNY, is the world’s greatest. In embracing what is possibly the world’s largest market, the harmony between this exchange and the Chinese population will undoubtedly be a massive plus for future prospects.

In counting, this listing on CoinTiger is the fifth exchange in the past weeks that TTT has been listed on. Upon this listing on CoinTiger, we expect TTT’s liquidity to further expand, and consequently lead to the rise in token price for the asset.

We urge you to wait with anticipation regarding the rollout of Atom Solutions’ future operations, as well as ask for your continued encouragement and support.

Atom Solutions:



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