Only 8 days until our Eternal Wallet Demo Campaign launches! Plus, updates on our sponsorship of S.S. Pennarossa and our commitment to SDGs!

The clock is ticking now, and we couldn’t be more excited! The countdown to our demo campaign has reached to 8 days left, and we look forward to your participation! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so why don’t you take a dive whether you are a seasoned crypto trader or completely new to the cryptosphere?

As for other updates, the football team sponsored by Atom Solutions Co., Ltd. will make its first public match of 2021 on Jan. 9th, 2021. It is with great pleasure that we can announce they will be wearing uniforms with our company logo embedded in them! This is a fantastic opportunity to get our name out in the world, and hope you will be watching as closely as us on the details of the match!

Also an active topic, our company has reinstated its commitment to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), to rid the world of afflictions such as poverty, disease, harsh labor, inequality etc.

Even before COVID-19 the world was in a precarious state, and now after the “new normal” we have been forced to adapt to, all the problems seem magnified.

Our company remains committed to solving these problems through multiple methods, not just by providing the best currency exchange and overseas remittance services to those in need, but through other methods such as raising awareness, sponsorship of good causes, and educating those who do not have sufficient access to essential information.

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