Only one day left! Tomorrow, the world’s most revolutionary currency exchange and overseas remittance demonstration will be unveiled to the public!

The countdown has finally closed in on us, with only one more day until you, our users, get to experience the demonstrational version of Eternal Wallet! This will be the world’s most groundbreaking, innovative method of currency exchange and overseas remittance yet to be realized.

We know and are thankful for all your support throughout the years and cannot wait to deliver something in return for all you have endured with us. This is our reasoning behind hosting the campaign of rewarding the top 100 gainers over the period of a month with 10000 TTT, to show our appreciation for all who stayed with us and understood what we were trying to achieve with our project.

Even more, anyone who participates and succeeds in earning a 10% gain of their original assets is to be rewarded with 1 TTT! With nothing to lose and the chance to gain many, there is no reason not to take part in this event!

Once again, we thank your devotion and encouragement throughout the years to the Eternal Wallet project. Without your support, we would not have been able to achieve this much and be standing where we are now. We hope this campaign will be the chance for us to give back to our community and supporters, so for all who believed in us, we hope for your continued support and that you will take part in our campaign!

We aim to become a leading company using our own technical capabilities and innovative ideas in both software and virtual currency industries. Website

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