Only two weeks left until the launching of the Demo version Eternal Wallet!

Despite the times, we hope you, our users were able to spend the holidays with joy and cheer.

Now, what’s coming up for Eternal Wallet in 2021?

For those of you who have been closely following our announcements and updates, the answer couldn’t be clearer: on Jan. 11th, 2021, the demo version of Eternal Wallet will go live, along with the Trading campaign!

Hopefully this will give users a taste of what has been years in the making, allowing our users to test Eternal Wallet hands-on, with a little friendly competition on the side to boost motivation and promote activity on the platform.

Of course, not only the top 100 earners will be awarded with 10000 TTT each, but anyone who manages to increase their holdings by 10% will receive 1 TTT as a prize for their dedication to trading on Eternal Wallet.

Now, how can such a small (comparably) startup manage to deliver such a revolutionary concept?

The answer is of course hard work, but innovative thinking and the ability to be quick on one’s feet also play a huge role in how we created Eternal Wallet.

We endlessly discussed, engaged in, and brainstormed how we could provide the world’s users of currency exchange and overseas remittance with the most affordable and convenient service.

Finally, we are able to deliver on our promises!

However, how are we to prevent bigger entities to copy our method once it has now been completed, and use it for their own benefit?

The answer is to patent our technology, which can be done because we are the visionaries, the ones who came up with the concept, planning, and execution.

By having complete authority over the rights of our technology, we can prevent even multi-national corporations from duplicating our expertise, because we have, and still are actively filing patents for our many inventions. Rest assured, more patents are to come on the way to support and maximize the potential and exclusivity of Eternal Wallet services.

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