Progress has reached 74%, a vital component in the operations has been completed! (Surprise at the end)

Eternal Wallet is in the final stages of completion, and that is why this period is so very important.

We understand the anticipation and excitement of our users. However, it would all be for nothing if the delivered product did not meet up to our client’s demands.

That is why for the past week, we have been making slower than normal, but steadier progress, to ensure that we can live up to our promises with Eternal Wallet.

This time, we have completed the development of our KYC Verification System!

As we are sure many of you are familiar with the term, Know-Your-Customer has become the standard for anyone looking to conduct digital and online transactions around the world.

In these times, it is vital that you can trust the receiving or sending party in any trades, transactions or transfers conducted over the internet. To combat dangerous behavior and illicit business through online services, anonymity is no longer a viable option to conduct business, whether it be personal or corporate.

That is why we have an extensive KYC procedure set up for our users, to ensure that all users on our platform are trustworthy and do not carry the risks of scams or illegitimate schemes to cheat other users out of their precious funds.

With a range of different levels and settings of Personal identification to suit each individual’s needs, we aim to ensure that Eternal Wallet is a safe environment for all users, be it novices or experienced users.

Breakthrough in a sudden surge to 82% completed! Plus, more information on what will be the unique feature of the Eternal Wallet.

After what has seemed like a slow week, we are proud to announce that we have suddenly made a huge step forward to an 82% completion of Eternal Wallet! The clock is ticking, and the date is closing in, but at the same time, we can see the finish line getting closer and closer.

Today, we would like to elaborate on the Lending Dividend System, a revolutionary and innovative feature.

What is the Lending Dividends System?

The dividends system, to put simply, is a service we provide to allow users to lend out their otherwise idle XEC assets into a Pool, where they can be applied for other users to conduct currency exchanges. Upon the XEC being used, the lent-out XEC is returned to the user who lent the XEC, with a bonus. All lenders will receive a partial amount of the fees incurred when other users conduct currency exchange using Eternal Wallet.

The user does not lend out to a specific individual as in a regular P2P transaction, but into a Pool where multiple orders can be placed by all individuals. This means that the Eternal Coin will not disappear or expire and the lent out Eternal Coin will always be returned. Thus, it is beneficial for all parties involved to take advantage of this feature, both those wishing to conduct currency exchange and lenders, as the rates for exchanging will always be industry-leading and the XEC is always returned with a profit.

With less than one-fifth until we can realize our goal to achieve the world’s most affordable currency exchange and remittance, we are moving with full steam ahead to accomplish what we have promised ourselves and our users.

We ask you to stay excited and for your words of encouragement, as we are just before the finish line!

We aim to become a leading company using our own technical capabilities and innovative ideas in both software and virtual currency industries. Website

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