Progress has reached 85%! Order System has been completed & Bitcointalk thread is renewed!

We are thrilled about our progress to 85% that launching us to the final stage of our development! Only a few hurdles remain until completion of Eternal Wallet!

This time around, we have completed the development of the Order System, a crucial component that will oversee the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies on Eternal Wallet.

We are ready to take advantage of the ever-growing popularity of BTC and our own in-house developed token, The Transfer Token, to trade against our supported fiat currencies.

To those who are unfamiliar with the concept of cryptocurrency, please do not be alarmed as you will be able to use the other features of Eternal Wallet without prior knowledge of crypto.

Newly Updated and Renewed of our Bitcointalk Forum’s Thread!

The latest thread is updated with new information and our latest completion.

For more detail, please refer to the URL below:

Last but not least, we hope you share our enthusiasm and thank you for your continued support and trust in our project!

We aim to become a leading company using our own technical capabilities and innovative ideas in both software and virtual currency industries. Website

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