Progress has reached 90%! We have completed development of the Arbitrage Chart Design!

After what may have seemed to have been a slight pause in development, we can assure you that progress has been made behind the scenes. Today, we would like to announce the completion of the Arbitrage Chart Design, something that will be essential in operating the Lending function of Eternal Wallet, as well as giving our users a chance to gain value while using our platform!

Arbitrage, as many of you will know, is the act of taking advantage of price discrepancies of a common commodity. The price difference, which can rely on a variety of factors, encourage individuals to buy low, and sell high.

This function is crucial to Eternal Wallet, as the value of The Transfer Token, Eternal Wallet’s native token, will have different value in different nations. This in turn gives users the motivation to lend out TTT into the Pool, providing the assets for the Currency Exchange function.

Only 10% left! Only a tenth more to go until we can reveal Eternal Wallet and its concept to the world!

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