Progress Updated to 88%! New ranking sites Added!

Eternal Wallet development has reached 88%, with the Order Matching Engine completed! Only a few more steps to realizing the world’s most affordable overseas remittance.

We are closing in on the completion of our project! This time, we have completed the development of the Order Matching Engine, which continues from the last update, will allow for the most efficient and value-worth trading on our platform. By matching the orders, users will, in real-time, be able to buy and sell on the most advantageous conditions the market has to offer. This will hopefully lead to the increased liquidity of TTT and attract an even wider user base of individuals.

As stated in the previous update, users who do not wish to participate in cryptocurrency trading will be free to utilize the separate functions in Eternal Wallet without issue, so rest be assured.

With only approximately 1/10th of development remaining, we stay committed to delivering our final product, Eternal Wallet. We thank all of our fans and supporters through these times, and hope you share our enthusiasm!

Furthermore, Today, we are pleased to announce that we have been included in the ranking of NOMICS, a cryptocurrency ranking site!

NOMICS is known for its forthcoming and transparent rankings on the market value of cryptocurrencies, and we are honored to be part of that environment.

With this, we look to attract more investors and users to our platform and increase the recognition of both The Transfer Token (TTT) and Eternal Wallet.

We ask you to remain excited, as in the next few weeks, there will be much more development and functionalities that users will be able to experience!

For more details, please check to the URL here:

We aim to become a leading company using our own technical capabilities and innovative ideas in both software and virtual currency industries. Website

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