The Transfer Token has commenced trading on!

Following the listing of The Transfer Token (TTT) on LATOKEN, we are enthused to announce another official listing, on the cryptocurrency exchange!

This continued salvo of listings and enabling of further trading of TTT, we believe, will lead to further acknowledgment of our issued token and introduce more and more people to the project that is TTT, and the platform it is built on, Eternal Wallet.

Hopefully, this will contribute to the ever-increasing growth in price of TTT as it has shown since the beginning of this year, and reward users for their unwavering loyalty.

About is an exchange that prides itself on being the first socially-infused cryptocurrency exchange. Users are not only able to gain information and advice from veterans and seasoned traders through messages displayed to the community, but are also able to join in on the conversations to state their thoughts and questions, allowing for a fully immersible experience. Also, there is the option of several languages to choose from, making it a truly global project.

We hope this listing, along with our recent news headlines show our dedication to the TTT project as well to you, our community, and we thank you for your support and encouragement throughout all these developments.

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