The Transfer Token is now live on LATOKEN!

Two weeks after the announcement of listing, we are delighted to say that the trading of The Transfer Token (TTT) has finally gone live as of current time!

One of several new listings for TTT, we are in no doubt that this listing on one of the biggest names in the industry will increase our ever-expanding liquidity and take us further on our journey to the moon!

The trading pair opened is TTT/USDT, so expect flexible transactions and high-frequency trading.


LATOKEN boasts what is probably one of the largest numbers of trading pairs across cryptocurrency exchanges, with over 320 pairs. Along with this, it is known as the go-to for cryptocurrency startups as it is home to many IEOs, for projects to gain foothold in the cryptocurrency realm. It also has the face of LADEX, a decentralized version of the exchange catering to DeFi tokens, and LACHAIN implemented for the security token market.

With this listing, we expect recognition of TTT to soar and penetrate the minds of those involved in the cryptocurrency ecosphere. This is just the beginning in a long number of updates, so stay tuned!

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