TTT on schedule to be listed on another exchange, plus a surprise special sale!

Our latest news yet, The Transfer Token (TTT) is scheduled to be listed on LBank as of Aug. 4th, 2020. This marks the third exchange TTT is to be listed on, along with DigiFinex and P2PB2B.

With this listing, we will officially be able to apply for a spot on CoinMarketCap, which we believe many of you know, is the №1 site for aggregating data and information regarding all things cryptocurrency-related.

About LBank:

LBank, a cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2016 and as of current times has consistently been in the upper echelons (50 or higher) on CoinMarketCap. Its main userbase resides in China, a current hotspot for the cryptocurrency industry, but also caters to international users around the globe.

Finally, to celebrate this occasion, we are proud to present the special sale of TTT, which will be hosted on LBank on Aug. 3rd, one day before our listing!

The details will be published tomorrow, stay tuned, and follow us for more information and latest updates!

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